Wholesale Drop Ship – Computers Are Selling Like Hotcakes!

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What if you had you own online business that allowed you to work from anywhere in the world? What if you had no shipping and no packing to do?

Drop shipping is the a simple process 미국배송대행 that can bring your business to a much higher level and massively increase your profits, while you focus only on marketing the business and eliminate all packing and shipping! How does dropshipping work and why is it an insanely profitable business idea even if you have zero internet marketing experience?

First the buyer’s shops in your website, then you receive the orders and payment via email. You then forward the email order to the Dropshipper (the wholesaler, or the factory or the warehouse) who will then ship the order to your buyer! This is how dropshipping works and it is based on the principle; You market and the manufacturer or wholesaler delivers. The concept is not new, but isn’t that a fantastic and simple solution? Well, most people do not do it. They end up doing all the work themselves and they eventually give themselves another job.

Here is Simple 2-step Guide to Setting Up a Drop Shipping Business First you need to conduct a relevant research on the market niche you are targeting, choose your dropshipper and register an account with them.

Then you need to develop and design a complete website having product catalogues and credit-card-payment facilities. You can open an account with PayPal to see how easy it is to put a payment button or shopping cart in your website. Product descriptions and their images may be obtained from the drop shipper.

Visitors then will place orders on your website, and then pay you the retail price of the product through their debit or credit cards. These orders are then forwarded to the drop shipper, who ships the products to your customers. Profit earned is the difference between the wholesale and retail price. What is even better is that you get paid first before you actually buy the product for your supplier!

Why more people don’t do this and what may stop you from doing it? That’s a very good question. Despite the possibilities for online business, there’s a distinct lack of people who actually get involved in this. Why? Because many just don’t know about drop shipping at all. You will have less competition as a drop shipping agent than in just about any other online business you can imagine.

There are just 3 things you may need to know about starting a successful Dropshipping business and one thing you must definitely know or your business will never take of the ground.